May 16th 2024
9 am - 10 pm
LA Center Studios
Downtown LA
Join over 500 passionate innovators, artists, and professionals in the AI space.
Filmmakers • AI startups • Media Execs • Developers • Technologists
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What's happening
of AI films in the theater
between thought leaders on the main stage
of AI workflows in the breakout rooms
Art Show
featuring a curation of new media artists working at the confluence of AI Art, technology, and film
AI Simulation & Agents,
Enhancing Creativity with LLMs,
Virtual Production,
How to build an AI Strategy,
Superpowering Microbudgets,
AI Workflow Walkthroughs
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Todd Terrazas
Executive Director, AI LA
Momo Wang
Animator & Director
Matt Nix
Writer/Showrunner, Burn Notice
Mark Goffman
Writer/Showrunner, Limitless & Umbrella Academy
Max Einhorn
AI Producer, Film & Television Executive
Nem Perez
AI filmmaker, T2 Remake
Andrew Wallenstein
Chief Media Analyst & President, Variety Intelligence Platform
Greg Shiff
Principal Solutions Architect, Media & Entertainment, Dell
Meagan Keane
Director of Product Marketing for Pro Video Strategy, Adobe
Shuying Luo
Co-Founder & CTO, Altera
Dan Benyamin
CEO, Aeon
Christopher Nichols
Director, Chaos Labs
Sheila Marmon
Founder & CEO, Mirror Digital
Ashlee Martino-Tarr
Workflow Specialist, NVIDIA
Morgan Prygrocki
Sr. Strategic Development Manager, Adobe
Alex Porter
CEO, MOD Tech Labs
Dustin Callif
Tool of North America
David Slade
Director, Black Mirror: Bandersnatch
Joanna Popper
Media Executive, Wildxyz
Edward Saatchi
Founder, Fable Simulation
Justin Diener
CEO, Synapse Virtual Production
Kathryn Brillhart
Virtual Production Supervisor, Fallout & Rebel Moon
Chris Chynoweth
Senior Associate, Cooley
Katja Reitemeyer
Director, Data Science & AI, M&E, NVIDIA
Joe Penna
Ed Ulbrich
Chief Content Officer,
Nick Venezia
James Myrick
General Manager, BENlabs
Dana Harris-Bridson
Senior Vice President and Editor in Chief, IndieWire
Parth Patil
AI Specialist, Office of Reid Hoffman
Reena Patel
Partner, IV.AI
Alessandro La Tona
Workflow Specialist, NVIDIA
Jason Schugardt
Senior Solutions Architect, NVIDIA
Nik Kleverov
Native Foreign
Corbett Drummey
LTX Studio
Rich Lee
Co-Founder & CCO, Synapse
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Keynote Speaker
Renard Jenkins
Technology Executive, President and CEO of I2A2 Technologies
Renard Jenkins is a creative technologist and distinguished executive with a rich background in the Technology, Film, Television, and Radio industries. With executive roles at Warner Bros., PBS, among others, Jenkins has been instrumental in driving technology development, engineering, and operational management across the media landscape. His leadership extends to serving as President of the Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers and contributing to several other industry boards. A 2-time Emmy-winner and certified AI/ML engineer, Jenkins is renowned for his ethical, inclusive, and innovative approach to technology and media.
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